Dream of Closure With Ex

MEANING: Dream of closure with ex shows that today you could lose something of great value to you, perhaps your cell phone or perhaps another object. Turn a deaf ear, and try to concentrate your thought and energies on more productive things. He who loved you in the past, still remembers you. You need to think twice about repeating or sharing certain information. You may be expressing a desire to be more dominant in some situation or relationship.

SOON: Dream of closure with ex signifies that you know it’s very fair what you’re doing. All you have to worry about right now is loving yourself as you are. Things have more nuances than you are sometimes able to see. You have more and more boards and you are a better professional. Now you know who are your friends and who are your enemies, those who can harm you.

FUTURE: Dream of closure with ex shows that although your family is very important, now you will think more about yourself. Your partner will thank you and the relationship will be renewed. You have the power, authority and strength to maintain your balance and harmony. You will find the key to solve a problem that affects your checking account. You will have the wisdom to invest your money wisely.

ADVICE: Invite a friend for lunch and have a nice time and you will see that the day will change its color. Assume your circumstance and be consistent with it.

WARNING: Don’t be so idealistic or mythical about a person who is really hiding something you don’t know. Try to rectify something before the blood reaches the river and it is too late.

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