Dream of Chimera

MEANING: Dream of chimera indicates that friendships, and more if you are young, will be what interests you most today. An unresolved conflict will alter your mood throughout the day. Show yourself attentive and receptive and aware of everything that happens. On this day, things will start to change and your love situation will improve. You must not forget that if you have confidence in yourself you will get everything you want.

SOON: Dream of chimera expresses that the best thing is to take a deep breath and warn that you are going to be late. You’re thinking about where to direct your steps over the weekend. Now it’s your turn to put your feet on the ground. The important thing is that you have a good time and that you enjoy it to the fullest. You know that well and that’s why you don’t mind to make some expenses and be generous.

FUTURE: Dream of chimera symbolises that all your wealth and inner beauty will be reflected in your exterior. You will be interested in cultivating that nascent professional relationship. You’ll be looking forward to fun too and you won’t lack opportunities. The day will end positively if you surround yourself with people you connect with. If he is distant at first, give him time and you will see how his attitude changes.

ADVICE: Don’t make any final decisions on anything for now. Now more than ever you must tend to self-control.

WARNING: You must not go on that way as you will drive away the people who appreciate you. Try to be distracted and not to think in a negative way, it’s not that bad.

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