Dream of Chicken

MEANING: Dream of chicken means that someone will surprise you with a material help that will help you, so you will smile. You will know how to do it with a lot of skill, which will make others see you as someone very reliable. Nothing will spoil those plans you have. You won’t mind keeping an eye on them and giving them whims. You need to take time out to consider and rethink the consequences before acting on your choices.

SOON: Dream of chicken means that everything leads you to be very safe at work. Sometimes you are too sensitive and get angry about trifles. On the one hand, satisfaction for the work done successfully. You mature emotionally and take responsibility for your present, past and future actions. It’s time to talk about love, to exteriorize your feelings.

FUTURE: Dream of chicken expresses that consulting that same issue with others might help you broaden your perspective. You will receive signs that will guide you on the way to progress in the right way. True love cannot be absent from your side. You will have a remarkable triumph in your economy. Mentally you will be very active and willing to expand and communicate.

ADVICE: Keep saving, control your spending and soon you will have no doubt that your time has come. Ask professionals for their opinion and trust them.

WARNING: Do not force your body, what is best for you is to rest. Disconnect completely with some exercise or yoga.

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