Dream of Chayote

MEANING: Dream of chayote expresses that show yourself more affective and try to bring positions closer. Emotionally they will be quite impressionable by everything, so there may be shocks. You may be promoted or simply recognized for your good work. You will see like never before the possibilities that are offered to you. You are being catapulted to a position of power in which you do not yet know how to deal with.

SOON: Dream of chayote symbolises that you are looking for answers that you can only find in yourself. What better time to communicate with others. Finally you go through a stage of emotional stillness. For weeks you have been meeting someone who seems very interested in being with you. Sometimes the feeling of wasting time is not negative at all, keep in mind.

FUTURE: Dream of chayote means that the money now comes from those who share time with you daily. You can focus on the here and now, leaving no room for limiting beliefs. Peace returns to your life after a period of struggles and problems. Affectively you recover positions or improve some relationship that was going through a certain bump. You will notice that your opinions are accurate and will be taken into account for the future.

ADVICE: For that you must be very sincere and honest. You should take advantage of this positive trend.

WARNING: Create your own soundtrack and stop listening to the background noise that makes you so irritable. Do not intervene in other people’s lives unless they implore or beg you.

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