Dream of Change

MEANING: Dream of change indicates that go out with them, laugh, have fun and try to forget about everyday problems. You recover from all the tragedies of yesterday. You are not in control of your own life. Watch out for the nostalgia dips that set you up in a zone of stagnant water. Someone is going to make you feel very good, probably feed your ego, your security.

SOON: Dream of change shows that you have creativity and potential to carry it out, even though you find an obstacle. You expect a lot in your relationships and are willing to contribute your share. Usually you are very disciplined, but you know well what your weak point is. Putting your feet on the ground can propel you to more concrete and wise goals. It’s time to take care of yourself more and better.

FUTURE: Dream of change signifies that you may be introduced to the family and that will alter your nerves. You will be clear about their relationship with you and why. You should not fear anything in health issues because it starts to improve dramatically. You will clarify your thoughts and find the truth in your own heart. A little exercise will do you good, but you must be constant.

ADVICE: Thinks that everyone should choose his own path. You must set firm limits, with temperance and without fear of speaking your mind.

WARNING: Be careful because you will put your friendship in the wrong person who will betray your trust. Don’t be afraid to break up with a situation you don’t like.

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