Dream of Chairman

MEANING: Dream of chairman indicates that if you leave behind certain routines, you will find a greater sense of purpose. If you are affectionate and loving with him there will be more chances that he will solve his problem. Your physical problem is due to lack of rest and relaxation. You are feeling undesirable or unwomanly. Act with consistency and confidence and remain calm if someone questions any of your actions.

SOON: Dream of chairman shows that your sense of improvisation is developed. You start a stage where you need stability around you. Although you don’t seem to realize it, you are getting closer to your professional goals. Everyone has their own criteria and acts accordingly. You deserve it after a rather stressful season.

FUTURE: Dream of chairman shows that in the cinema you will see a wonderful film that you will never forget. The superiors will agree with you and recompose the situation according to your interests. You will spend more time at home with family than with friends. Both of you will have to make concessions and put yourselves in the other’s shoes. You will feel free to disconnect, at least for a while, from worldly problems.

ADVICE: Go out to celebrate because the occasion deserves it. Be thankful in advance for all the abundance that is coming and will continue to come into your life.

WARNING: You must protect yourself against deception and lies. Don’t let this complicate your existence and stay at home, even if you have commitments.

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