Dream of Chains

MEANING: Dream of chains expresses that today you will need a good dose of patience to solve an unexpected problem. Today you should put a little more dedication and passion into your love life. Today your cheerful, bright and impressive personality will make you stand out no matter what. You are going to decide something about changes in the home or even address. You will be very affectionate with the people you love and that affection will come back to you multiplied.

SOON: Dream of chains indicates that you are starting to like someone, but you don’t know if you are reciprocated. You are open to everything, even if you have recently left a relationship. In addition, your health needs attention, so it’s time to slow down and get your strength back. Still, it’s good to take a little more care of your health. The best thing is that you devote part of your time to creative leisure or sport.

FUTURE: Dream of chains shows that your bosses will be receptive to any new idea you propose. If your partner is living away from home for work, you will receive a proposal to move in with her. This will really lift your spirits because you start to find a safe path. You will take a step that means emotional stability. You will break ties and return bravely to your destiny.

ADVICE: Do it with intelligence, but without leaving aside intuition. Dare to practice a new sport or go to an unknown place.

WARNING: Don’t let a bad comment or rude attitude make your day at work bitter. Don’t try to cover everything and solve the problems of others.

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