Dream of Celery

MEANING: Dream of celery indicates that you need to organize your life and keep things in order. You feel that today you are more open to love, but the time is not yet right. You don’t have to worry, but you should visit your doctor. Energy now powers everything to do with travel, philosophy and religion. It’s no use telling him what he wants to hear.

SOON: Dream of celery signifies that there are steps that no matter how difficult they are you have to take sometime. Your perseverance and will power have been decisive. The power of the word is very great, and you are sometimes not aware. Life is too beautiful for you to continue to focus on what is of no interest to you. Family news is much better than you expected.

FUTURE: Dream of celery expresses that someone new in your life will appear at any time. A general checkup with the doctor will be the next step in your health care. You will now share your joy with friends, acquaintances and those you love. Your mental brilliance will be recognized and valued by others. At night something amazing will happen to you.

ADVICE: Decide exactly what you want no matter what anyone else thinks. Try not to miss a day that can be a lot of fun.

WARNING: Relativize everything you see and hear and don’t give so much importance to what doesn’t. Ignore the prejudices that condition you.

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