Dream of Car

MEANING: Dream of car suggests that refrain from putting too much pressure on your superiors at work. You must realize that you can never, whatever you do, make everyone happy. Family, co-workers and friends call you, look for you and absorb your energy. You do not have confidence in your own abilities. Don’t throw in the towel with a professional theme that is getting difficult.

SOON: Dream of car means that a date is nearer and nearer that will be decisive for you. You are now recovering from any physical discomfort or illness you are experiencing. Looking inward and trying to get better is not bad. You have spiritual riches and very beautiful relationships that are invaluable. You are beginning to question some things that until recently you had not dared.

FUTURE: Dream of car suggests that you will recover and obtain stability, durability and compatibility with your loved one. A relationship with a friend may be enhanced by an event you don’t expect. Something changes in your life that will make you realize how happy you are. The future lies in what you like to do best and will not always be to everyone’s liking. There are very good influences around you now.

ADVICE: Your health is good, but you must learn to release tension. Go for advice, for help, for guidance and you will find the answer you are looking for.

WARNING: That caution is not superfluous, you must wait to see how it acts from now on. Don’t be surprised if someone, within a while, acts just like you.

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