Dream of Brown Cobra

MEANING: Dream of brown cobra signifies that a casual encounter with this person will give you another perspective on the subject. You are putting the squeeze on somebody. Be careful and don’t overdo it with this strategy, someone may look at you badly. You are not much given to dreams and you know how to put your feet on the ground when it is convenient. It can bring out some virtues that even you did not believe you possessed.

SOON: Dream of brown cobra expresses that the important thing is that you contribute your wisdom, rising above the situation. Sometimes you are too rigid and disciplined and that is good up to a point. The last few days of living together have tested how strong the bond is. It’s not a question of money and you know it, it’s a question of generosity and time. You must be very attentive to your economic situation.

FUTURE: Dream of brown cobra indicates that you will be tolerant and will not lose your temper if something does not go as planned. You’ll be the one to organize everything from bills to entertainment. They may try to convince you, but you must act independently. Everything can happen, but it is you who must allow it. The response will be positive and you will gain in the field of friendship more than you can imagine.

ADVICE: Accept your emotion of sadness and ask him what he wants to show you. You must let things flow and not seek discussion, it is not a day to set things straight.

WARNING: Avoid an invitation that is not really worthwhile. Don’t be afraid to tell what has happened to you, be honest.

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