Dream of Bricks

MEANING: Dream of bricks shows that all people around you will rise to the occasion and support you. The day will be calmer than yesterday and allows you a break in the work. It is advisable not to show him all your letters. You are in denial about some issue or problem. Don’t succumb to the temptation to back out at the last moment no matter how tired you are.

SOON: Dream of bricks signifies that you take up again some topics or studies that you had left out. You set goals that are not as difficult as they seem, despite the opinion of others. Both your profession and your financial situation become very important. You must assume that your present is now and that this is what you must live. Every human being needs dreams and goals to achieve to feel like they can fly.

FUTURE: Dream of bricks means that retreats, meditations and introspection will do wonders for you. You will act very freely in all matters relating to your beliefs or opinions. Any relationship is favorably emphasized, especially sentimental ones. You’ll be surprised at the attitude someone very close to you takes. You will see a strange attitude in a partner and that will give you a lot to think about.

ADVICE: Do not commit excesses and everything will be favorable to you. Every new day is an opportunity to reach your goal, to get closer to it.

WARNING: Don’t say no even if it’s just an adventure. Fear sometimes paralyzes you and prevents you from doing valuable things.

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