Dream of Bleeding

MEANING: Dream of bleeding signifies that the moments of tension go away and you take things with a much more constructive spirit. A family conflict will be reborn in an unpredictable way without anything you can do to avoid it. Sometimes you get a little strong character and you can’t stop your words. You’re still up in a cloud of new experiences that make you quite euphoric. Everyone has their secrets and it’s better that way even with people you trust.

SOON: Dream of bleeding expresses that if you do, you regenerate yourself mentally and that is very good for you to face the week. The words you choose to express what you want and feel are not random. In the sentimental field you are living a very positive stage. If you really get organized and sleep eight hours, the energy doesn’t have to disappear. A timely retreat is a victory, not a flight.

FUTURE: Dream of bleeding signifies that what happened last week will end up becoming a simple anecdote. If you listen to your intuition, everything will work out for the best. What once seemed impossible to you now becomes a challenge to overcome for you. A situation that overflowed you, suddenly becomes insignificant thanks to a change of attitude. You will get out of trouble if you have acted correctly.

ADVICE: Open your heart in a sincere way, without rancor. Moderate this trend and let everyone function in their own way.

WARNING: Don’t be afraid of threats from bitter and ignorant people. Do not worry about anything or anyone and give yourself what you like best because you deserve it.

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