Dream of Blackboard

MEANING: Dream of blackboard expresses that you must protect your independence and not give in even if others label you as selfish. Bring out your virtues, even those you don’t think are relevant. It has been too long since you truly enjoyed life. You need to look beyond the superficial and find the truth about yourself and about others. Something will not go as planned today, but first of all you must remain calm.

SOON: Dream of blackboard signifies that you can’t stand to stay in your home too long and want to go out and have fun. As important as practicing sport is a good warm-up. The sense of union is reborn in you, whether with your partner, children or friends. The most important thing is that you change your attitude to circumstances, especially at work. You are your best friend, so you can enjoy yourself.

FUTURE: Dream of blackboard expresses that music will do you a lot of good, it will help you think about all of it. Sympathy and a certain frivolous touch can come in handy when closing deals. You can even straighten out some that were getting away or were not on the right track. Still, you’ll be thinking and strategizing about the future. Your resources will increase and with them your possibilities and your income.

ADVICE: Find yourself a hobby to occupy your free time and, thus, abstain from problems. Put in order your letters, documents and all legal matters you have pending.

WARNING: Flirt but don’t decide anything until you are completely sure that this is what you want. Don’t be distracted by your cell phone or anything else.

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