Dream of Black Bird

MEANING: Dream of black bird indicates that some situations will not seem very clear to you today. You are being forced to face your feelings. Life is a game you sometimes take too seriously. You are trying to draw attention away from your own flaws. Renew your hope, everything changes constantly.

SOON: Black bird in dream symbolises that you are much more capable than you have proven yourself, but you have to trust yourself. The important thing is that you take care of your body to the maximum. Everything is a matter of perspective most of the time. If you don’t have a partner it’s a good time to think about. Rest is important and you should take it more seriously.

FUTURE: Dream of black bird expresses that someone around you might announce some happy news, it will encourage you. There will be unmistakable signs that the person is very fond of you. At night you will tell someone you trust. Especially if you have small children, you will spend a warm moment. Everything that has to happen will happen, and it will be good and very positive for you.

More about Black Bird

Dream of birds signifies that you’ll enjoy joyful moments of intimacy with your partner. If the last few days were confusing in terms of work, you get back to normal. You will feel better when you have everything under control. You will face the truth and win as never before in wisdom. The night will be very intense, live it to the full.

Dream of black bird contains special messages

ADVICE: Let time go by and things will sort themselves out. Remember that the key is in the so-called intelligent optimism.

WARNING: Avoid putting up barriers to yourself or you will not be able to live the life you could. Don’t think it’s a maze you can’t get out of.

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