Dream of Birds

MEANING: Dream of birds suggests that don’t look for your own happiness anymore, live it. You are demanding too much of yourself in all aspects of your life and that cannot continue to be so. The time to act is always the present, that is, right now. You feel good, full, happy, at ease with yourself and those around you. It will not be of more extreme prudence and not to commit imprudences of any type.

SOON: Dream of birds symbolises that if you don’t have it, maybe it’s the beginning of something very nice. Temperance and commitment are desirable virtues, especially for you. You care a lot about an issue for the good of a community or a group of people. There are open doors and paths that are found in the emotional. Family life is stabilized and harmony, balance and order reign again.

FUTURE: Dream of birds expresses that soon you will have to pack your bags for a whirlwind trip that you will enjoy like a child. You will feel valued by both your peers and your superiors. The most negative thing that happened to you will be your blessing now. In this area of solidarity, everything will work out very well. Consequently, you do not lose your composure when problems in your relationships manifest themselves.

ADVICE: Take care of your figure by beautifying yourself inside and out. You must respect their wish or else, if you force things, you might regret it very much.

WARNING: If someone doesn’t tell you their problems, don’t get heavy, don’t insist. Don’t get carried away by the material to choose it.

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