Dream of Big Slippers

MEANING: Dream of big slippers shows that you still remember your ex-partner very often, but you must accept things. If a peer tries to blame you for something you haven’t done, set firm limits. You may feel upset and find it difficult to make decisions. An event or an outing with friends will be very profitable and cheerful and will raise your spirits. You do not find it easy to assert your gift for communication effectively and convincingly.

SOON: Big slippers in dream shows that one remedy for your mood is to find some kind of activity that makes you feel comfortable. You keep away bad influences that affect your health, your wellbeing. There is someone by your side who shares your tastes, your ideas and your dreams. You are as young as your desires and as old as your memories. Occupying time is positive as long as it does not mean you are running away.

FUTURE: Dream of big slippers signifies that you have opportunities to grow and improve. If you are invited to a party that you cannot go to, think that there will be more opportunities. A little rest will do you good in every way. Maybe he will surprise you with a proposal of a date. You will value yourself much more and your inner energy will be on the rise.

More about Big Slippers

Dream of slippers means that you will leave a meeting very happy, because somehow a field is opened for the future. Love will arise at the least expected moment, but you cannot look for it. You will fill your coffers again by recovering the money you lost. Everything will work out, but you will need to process your feelings and accept reality. At mid afternoon you will receive a message that will change your perception of the present moment.

Dream of big slippers contains special messages

ADVICE: Call an acquaintance who studied with you that you have been thinking about calling for a long time. You must remain at his side unconditionally.

WARNING: Dare to say no to proposals that don’t make any sense to you. Don’t ask too much of a friend, stay home.

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