Dream of Big Glass House

MEANING: Dream of big glass house shows that the true feeling will be by your side now. Taking the steps that indicate your own way of seeing things is the best thing you can do. You don’t know how to relate to a person. Put aside that issue that concerns you because it has a solution. If you have a partner, you will find in her the support you need to get through the day.

SOON: Big glass house in dream indicates that for those thoughts as soon as possible, it is necessary. Now it’s time to boost your virtues to recover it. Breaking down old beliefs is always positive if it helps you move forward as a person. Wasting time often means gaining it in reflection or in tranquility. If you still want to lose a few pounds, you can do it, but without obsessing.

FUTURE: Dream of big glass house shows that this weekend you will seek solitude and mental relaxation. Affective relationships move to a calmer climate. You will be very convinced of your opinions and will clearly state them. You must provide your money in a very moderate way because it will not be a year to throw rockets. You will have to work harder, but eventually the effort will be recognized.

More about Big Glass House

Dream of big house shows that feeling that current of positive affection will recharge your energy. Your opportunity will arise when you manage to relax. If you were a little more with reality in front of you, you would do better. If you are confident, you will gain time and the response will be favorable. During the last days you are thinking about the same thing and you do not finish advancing.

Dream of glass symbolises that as you are used to be an observer, you will realize it right away. Your body and mind will flow in perfect synchrony. Having everything in order will transmit harmony and well-being. If you have children, you will spend a fun day with them. Many will be considered your friends but few will be chosen by you.

Dream of house signifies that you will be more relaxed and will see that you have no reason to be worried. You will receive congratulations from different people that will serve as a revulsive. You get closer to your friends by participating in group activities like never before. If it’s old, you’ll break with routine and stir up the spark of passion. You will have a warm talk with someone in your family who needs your protection.

Dream of glass house signifies that you recover your sense of direction and go directly to achieve your goals now. Going to the movies will relax you and help you be more motivated in the next few days. You will feel that your intimacy is a little exposed. You will discover the things you have left to do and worlds to discover. Those who appreciate you, appreciate you for yourself, not for what you appear.

Dream of big glass house contains special messages

ADVICE: You must learn to manage your time and assume only those commitments that you can carry out. Watch yourself well and learn what life’s lesson is trying to teach you.

WARNING: You should not lose your temper because of an unforeseen situation that will be somewhat tense. Explain that it is not a lack of trust, but a very marked feature of your character.

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