Dream of Big Gator

MEANING: Dream of big gator symbolises that you’ll be right if you keep it up and don’t let contamination get to you. You want to be part of the action or excitement. Take a break from work and enjoy a day off that will suit you. Life as a couple will become rewarding and exciting. Today will be a day loaded with these outbursts.

SOON: Dream of big gator shows that if someone starts to walk away from you maybe it’s because they don’t deserve you. Can be a gift of something you were needing or some money. You love each other very much, but sometimes you feel worn out. The differences between you and the world around you are broken. You are totally dedicated to the preparation of a trip or an act that makes you very excited.

FUTURE: Dream of big gator shows that a friend can give you a lot of moral support at this time, listen to him. New friends will appear who will make you very happy, but you must open up to them. You will be characterized for having very clear ideas. Sympathy will be an important point in your favor. The result will be very good and highly valued in your work.

ADVICE: Accept what you are told without arguing and try to enjoy the time you will spend with her. Start making the preparations you have in mind for this new year.

WARNING: Don’t do what you wouldn’t want done to you. You must let yourself go without asking too many questions.

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