Dream of Being Shot And Killed

MEANING: Dream of being shot and killed indicates that you are beginning to question some things that until recently you had not dared. Certain things have not turned out as you expected and you feel somewhat sad and disappointed. You don’t have to apologize to someone close to you who doesn’t fully understand your lifestyle. Perhaps you feel that an important aspect of yourself is missing. You may be questioning your job or your abilities.

SOON: Dream of being shot and killed means that someone is around you and wants to convince you of something or sell you something. Now you feel confident to tell her once and for all what you think. After a somewhat difficult stage in the labor field, you may have several offers. You are in a great moment of your life and the people around you are feeling it. It’s best not to get into the discussion and relax the tension before it gets too much for you.

FUTURE: Dream of being shot and killed suggests that everything can be fixed and someone will make you see it. You will have interesting options to choose from. Every gesture of love you give to others will be multiplied by thousands. Your presence and word will enlighten many. Full moon in this sign on this day, which will bring some nervousness.

ADVICE: When you decide, file the documentation as soon as possible. Learn to master your frustrations and nerves and your quality of life will be much better.

WARNING: If you don’t want to go ahead, don’t give more detours. Accept that you like to spend, recognize the problem and find a solution.

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