Dream of Being Promoted

MEANING: Dream of being promoted symbolises that it will not be a totally favorable day for health. This way it will be much more bearable, even interesting. A close friend who is not in his prime may need your company. You’re a little absent-minded and not able to trust anyone. Do it as soon as possible, and everything will be easier from then on.

SOON: Dream of being promoted shows that ending one stage and welcoming another is exhilarating. Each person has his own point of view, which not because it is different from yours is wrong. You dedicated all your time and sacrificed many parts of your life. Your superiors are watching a professional process in which you are involved very closely. Relationships remain one of your main focuses.

FUTURE: Dream of being promoted signifies that you will see how you feel better at the end of the week. If you try, at least you won’t be left with the doubt. You are mature and brave enough to face your fears. Your present actions bring you closer to tomorrow. You will enjoy the little pleasures that you like so much, like good food.

ADVICE: Make up your mind to talk to her and tell her what’s on your mind. Find a moment to rest before going and appear relaxed and in your best image.

WARNING: You must understand where you have gone wrong in this regard. Return to good habits as soon as possible or things could get worse.

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