Dream of Being Mad

MEANING: Dream of being mad indicates that you should take things more slowly and listen to the advice you are given. You don’t understand where others are coming from and feel that their perspective is skewed. Today you will find yourself particularly sensitive and will not know why. The next step in your profession will come from mysterious circumstances. You need to master your sensitivity.

SOON: Dream of being mad indicates that you enjoy optimal health, but it wouldn’t hurt to improve it. You have some dreams that have to do with spiritual or educational goals. Those who work with you know you well, you don’t want to appear to be what you are not. The best thing is to concentrate on everything you have in your life right now. People evolve differently and you have to admit that.

FUTURE: Dream of being mad symbolises that the life of can give other opportunities. You will have to overcome the obstacles by yourself and not ask for help so as not to show weakness. On this day you will have the opportunity to check it. You regain an optimism that will be contagious and benefit everyone around you. After a few moments of low morale, you will feel like enjoying yours and going out.

ADVICE: Wisely divides time between work and intimate life. Prepare one of those surprises that are not forgotten, because you will not lack ideas.

WARNING: Don’t be angry if your demands for improvement or a change of position are not heard at work. Try not to let it influence your work and not distract you mentally from what you need to do.

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