Dream of Being Belittled

MEANING: Dream of being belittled expresses that now is the time to settle these changes, especially in the sentimental. It’s time to declare your independence and start building for your future. Avoid any action that could put your economy at risk. You are expressing your emotions in a positive way. You won’t fail them and it will be a frankly funny and good-toned evening.

SOON: Dream of being belittled indicates that the threads you have pulled are very important. You are not as far away as you sometimes think from your dreams coming true. You are in time to rectify a mistake you have made with a person you have misjudged. Your friends and admirers multiply but so do the envious. Setting limits is very convenient to gain respect.

FUTURE: Dream of being belittled signifies that you will spend endearing moments with the family that will make you forget about work. If you cultivate your love for art, art will give you much more than you now imagine. Perhaps, someone will ask your advice on a sentimental matter. The result will be very good and highly valued in your work. Some problems that a friend who has betrayed you poses disappear from your mind.

ADVICE: For now, park it in a drawer and take it back when conditions are right. Respect the parties and the problem will be solved.

WARNING: What happened is over, and you don’t have to drag it out permanently. Don’t let others delegate their work to you.

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