Dream of Bed

MEANING: Dream of bed shows that a time of seriousness, reduced vitality and less enthusiasm is approaching. You are letting your anger control your actions. You are using your anger to get your own way. You should be less fanciful in telling the story. If it’s a work thing, let it be, tomorrow something will be cleared up.

SOON: Dream of bed symbolises that it’s up to you to collect the information given by others and adapt it to your interests. Until recently you had some doubts, but now you have clarified. Perhaps it is time to listen to them and change certain things. Being assertive requires saying things without hurting the other. All the past is now buried and you open yourself to new loves and new works.

FUTURE: Dream of bed means that someone gives you a hand that you should thank with a detail. Life will help you in everything you set out to do if you make the right choices. I could hide a message for you, but you won’t find it in the words. If you try to be more objective with everything, you will observe the reality. The time has come to break with ridiculous patterns of the past.

ADVICE: Don’t suffer because you are going through a good economic time. Be firm and make it very clear that you will not tolerate.

WARNING: Don’t step back because it is difficult or even painful. You should not become obsessed with the same idea or try to be right at all costs.

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