Dream of Bath

MEANING: Dream of bath shows that you sense changes in your work environment and that creates uncertainty. Master your impatience in a matter that you want to go very well and as soon as possible. You are not giving yourself enough credit to your successes and achievements. The year begins and with it, new opportunities. Focus your mental energies today on organizing well any issue that has to do with family.

SOON: Dream of bath signifies that though it may bother you to admit it, this person cares about you. Your body stabilizes quite a bit, some minor discomforts improve. You have the right to be yourself, but that implies taking certain risks. You may notice that your relationship with your partner has changed. You have given your best, but now it is your turn to know how to stop.

FUTURE: Dream of bath signifies that in the afternoon you will share with a friend a very joyful evening at different levels. Meeting someone with whom you will live a fleeting romance that will make you feel very special. Your magnetism and personal charisma are exalted. Empathy is a quality that you will always want to develop. After the initial surprise, they will be sympathetic and you will feel good.

ADVICE: You only have to ask for forgiveness and decide to move forward from a more suitable place. Take care of your money as it comes in and goes out.

WARNING: Keep getting rid of what you don’t need that takes up space. Leave the complexes at home and enjoy the courtship and seduction.

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