Dream of Bad Marriage Proposal

MEANING: Dream of bad marriage proposal indicates that this year you have set some goals and you are going to achieve them. You have healthy personal relationships. You have unresolved inner conflicts and are refusing to address certain issues or feelings directly. A journey is near, but you don’t know the destination yet. Luck in economic matters comes to you through friends or family.

SOON: Bad marriage proposal in dream indicates that others recognize that your idea to solve it was the best. You know perfectly well that, by his side, you are happier. There is someone willing to listen to you and believe in that project that seems so complicated. You get to see how you can close a deal or finish a work you have in hand. You can now express your concerns and thoughts without fear of rejection.

FUTURE: Dream of bad marriage proposal symbolises that others will notice this change pleasantly. You will criticize yourself in both the negative and the positive. You will show yourself correct and nice to everyone. You will be wiser to feed yourself and will take time to rest and regain energy. For this, the more you plan it, the better it will be.

More about Bad Marriage Proposal

Dream of marriage shows that the singles of the sign will attract all kinds of people. Your love life will be calm, but it will not be so with other vital aspects. You will feel better inside and out, even look better. Your personal life will be greatly enriched in the coming year. Joining forces with others will help you get ahead sooner than planned or expected.

Dream of proposal symbolises that money will no longer be a concern, you will have enough for the necessary and much more. In the field of work you will be inclined to live something unusual. You will be tolerant and will not lose your temper if something does not go as planned. You think it is unfair, but your reality is not so negative. Finally you will recover your good mood and your characteristic gift of people.

Dream of marriage proposal symbolises that you will feel highly creative and get to work with something new that excites you. A good friend will be your great ally in a project you are about to embark on. Now you will be in a position to explain to repair any damage you may have caused. This will be for you a day especially of changes and surprises. You will work in a very concentrated way and have results, feeling productive.

Dream of bad marriage proposal contains special messages

ADVICE: Enjoy this day but don’t forget to take care of your health. Tell her how you feel and then try to focus on things that make you feel good.

WARNING: Do not challenge your limits or doctor’s prescriptions. Don’t be nervous and don’t let pride stop you from recognizing your emotions.

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