Dream of Baby Teeth

MEANING: Dream of baby teeth signifies that it is important to keep your judgment and your own identity even if it feels bad to someone. If you think you were wrong, this is a good time to apologize and seek reconciliation. You are getting rid of your excessive emotions. You will make new friendships that will open your eyes to other experiences in life. Whether you have a partner, or are single, you will have numerous meetings without hardly proposing.

SOON: Baby teeth in dream signifies that you are going through a positive professional phase. All the effort you have made to improve has its reward. You’re on the safe side, with enough information not to slip and a cool head. Covenants are favorable and that is why married people are supported by their spouses. You are intelligent and kind, but sometimes you complicate your existence too much.

FUTURE: Dream of baby teeth symbolises that you will need to confess a secret to a friend to feel lighter and take the weight off your shoulders. You will leave reinforced and with clearer ideas than ever about what you want. In addition, certain family discrepancies will disappear without speaking. Your social life is emphasized and will surely lead you to enjoy something new. Friends will be essential for you to feel like having fun.

More about Baby Teeth

Dream of baby suggests that new opportunities for good income are presented for you. You will feel encouraged if you change your image a little, now that spring is emerging strongly. Your intuition will not fail you, neither for good nor for evil. You will live days marked by tenderness and romanticism. You will know how to show the best of him and someone will be very favorable to do business with you.

Dream of teeth shows that you start a new life with a very different mental attitude. You will enjoy with friends what will be your best day of the week. Working and achieving your goals will be very important now. You will break the routine even if some comment that you have lost your mind. In any case, that time you will give to others will be very rewarding.

Dream of baby teeth contains special messages

ADVICE: Don’t tend to idealize the situation and be honest with yourself. Consult with someone you trust or someone who knows about the subject.

WARNING: Don’t do to anyone what you don’t like to be done to you. If you feel disappointed by a friend’s performance, tell him.

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