Dream of Teeth

MEANING: Dream of teeth symbolises that your positive attitude to life helps you solve all your problems satisfactorily. You will realize something that you had not understood until now. Little by little, the stress passes, even if you don’t have the most ideal vacation. It will be a good decision because you are physically not ready for it. Something important or significant is happening tonight.

SOON: Dream of teeth suggests that if you have doubts, it is better that each one follow his path. It’s good for you to hear different opinions. Trusting yourself is good, but it’s not bad to change your mind. They may not be telling you the truth, but it’s best to ignore it. After all, order is something you have very internalized and know how to apply with common sense.

FUTURE: Dream of teeth signifies that if you are pending legal matters, rest assured that they will have satisfactory solutions. The day will be calmer than yesterday and allows you a break in the work. Doing some exercise will do you good to relax. The people you love the most will help you get organized. You will have time to solve the problems you have at home or at work.

ADVICE: For the time being, try to give yourself a break and then analyze the failures to correct them. Get smart, react and get busy to feel free again.

WARNING: Don’t get into arguments, it’s not worth it. Let go of that bad mood that can take hold of you.

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