Dream of Attack

MEANING: Dream of attack signifies that it’s time to conquer new horizons. Actually, he is not to blame for your anger. Some important and significant stage in your life may be coming to an end. You will put your talents at the service of those who need them. Tempers will be much higher today even though it will be a quiet and peaceful day.

SOON: Dream of attack means that evolution is necessary and it is now that you must be aware of it. You are interested in making things clear, even if it is hard to keep the conversation going. You adapt well to new places, but not everyone does. Your house is your temple and it is best to keep it clean and beautiful. It’s much more real than the virtual that has you a little stuck.

FUTURE: Dream of attack indicates that in the afternoon you will get some relaxation and peace. You will live a critical moment that, however, will end up being a great opportunity. Surprises await you that will gladden your heart and enliven your soul. Now you see that you can do it without so much burden. What you want so much will come into your life at the right time.

ADVICE: Go with the flow and flow with the events. Select what is important to you, and act.

WARNING: Don’t let others impose their whims that have no reason to be. Reserve a space for yourself to reflect on an event that you have not yet been able to digest.

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