Dream of Attack

MEANING: Dream of attack shows that you are being deceitful, cunning or manipulative. Come out of your indecision and dare to be happy. Maybe it’s just an obsession of yours because you don’t like that person. Try to relax and not dwell on things. The path to your goals are not going according to the way you planned it out.

SOON: Attack in dream signifies that the power to make the improvements you desire for your life come true is within you. It’s time to talk and make things clear, both in your workplace and with your partner. The best thing is that you make different compartments and try to relax as soon as you can. Everything that has to do with religion and philosophy is now of great interest to you. It’s a good time to remodel, buy or rent a new home.

FUTURE: Dream of attack signifies that you are interested in being frank, even though you are looking for your profit. Sports can be a good challenge to overcome. A new person is about to appear in your life and will come to change it forever. You may know someone interesting who will dazzle you from the first moment. You will see that what seemed impossible was possible.

Dream of attack contains special messages

ADVICE: If you feel it is necessary, take a long break where you can walk around and focus again. You need something else at this time in your life.

WARNING: Don’t let them play with your most sensitive part. Don’t get too challenged and start by running and reducing the fat in your diet.

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