Dream of Art

MEANING: Dream of art expresses that you will recognize right away a lot of common points and that can make you almost in the clouds. The child you were will rebel today against an unjust situation that you will not be willing to tolerate. Sooner or later, you will not to confront the issue at hand. You need to determine if some of your goal is still worth pursuing. With your partner the relationship will be fluid and there will be a great complicity between you.

SOON: Dream of art shows that it’s time to look ahead and seek company with your arts of seduction. You were so looking forward to this day that you can hardly believe it. Thanks to your intuition, you may be able to guide others in matters of importance. You are thinking about setting up a business on your own. The inside of people is more important than the outside.

FUTURE: Dream of art shows that the details, which will not be exclusively material, will speak for themselves. A good friend will give you solutions, but you have to ask him. If you dare and accept the proposal, you will be very happy. A friend will ask you to keep quiet about an argument or problem with a third person. The call of a family member will fill you with enthusiasm, charisma, energy and power.

ADVICE: Clarify problems of siblings or close relatives that depressed you for years. Listen to someone who will give you his opinion in this area because he will be right.

WARNING: Don’t want to carry in all the reason and avoid the acid criticisms. You just need a little push to get back to the way you were.

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