Dream of Antiperspirant

MEANING: Dream of antiperspirant means that you need to rethink the choices that you are making in you life. Today will be a day when events will bring much pleasure and joy. Patience will be a fundamental weapon for you today. This time you should be more cautious than at other times in matters related to love. You may not find it very attractive at first, but that will change.

SOON: Dream of antiperspirant symbolises that you deserve to have fun and let go of control from time to time. It’s time to evaluate what you are really interested in for the future. Your well-being requires a commitment to your health and that you get tested. You may not like to hear the truth, but your present and future happiness depends on it. Assuming your part is fine, but others have theirs too.

FUTURE: Dream of antiperspirant shows that soon you will be victorious in a very personal situation. Your opportunity will arise when you manage to relax. The important thing will be that you are receptive to new ideas that may arise from within you. Yours is not negative, chance favors you. Health is on the rise and there are complaints that improve or solve a long-standing problem.

ADVICE: Spend more time on personal matters, on your things. Focus on the good and positive, and let go of what limits you.

WARNING: Be careful and don’t forget to include others in your particular jokes. You have to learn to accept refusals and realize that you won’t always get what you want.

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