Dream of Animals

MEANING: Dream of animals means that you must not put barriers to it to keep it going. You are very sensitive and it is showing at work. Nothing stops you from launching into a new adventure. The day is intense at work. Everything that has to do with education and improving your intellect will be well used now.

SOON: Dream of animals means that you are right to recover the illusion, but you must go step by step. It’s never too late to get back those who have always been by your side. The formula for making your relationships work is based on respect. This is something that started to get bigger a few weeks ago. You are on a lucky streak that you should make the most of.

FUTURE: Dream of animals indicates that your sense of order will help you analyze what you really want. Although it is not consolation, relativizing things helps. You are going to shed your pride and ask your partner for forgiveness for the last days. You are being very brave and you will have a great reward. You will be happy and will extend that joy to those closest to you.

ADVICE: Breathe and be aware of what your priorities should be now. They need a rest time and elaboration of the situation.

WARNING: Talk to that person if you don’t want that loss to be unrecoverable. If you are asked for help, get involved, but do not assume the concerns of others as your own.

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