Dream of An Atm

MEANING: Dream of an atm shows that your accentuated versatility will lead you to achieve your purposes in the time it takes. Stop for a while, take a walk and take a deep breath. A companion will get on your nerves, but do not give in to his manipulations. Take advantage of the time you spend in solitude today to be honest with yourself. You need to make some drastic changes in your life.

SOON: Dream of an atm shows that to handle those threads with wisdom is the most convenient. The achievements are positive, but you can’t give it that much importance. Health is the most important thing for you right now. Now it’s your turn to live a stage where flirting and seduction are essential elements. Nothing and no one can now disturb the peace and happiness you hold in your heart.

FUTURE: Dream of an atm indicates that forgiveness will reconcile you with yourself and bring a renewal of mind. You may have to be more cautious about your ambitions and future projects. Finally you can take a break and forget about the stresses and problems of work. At first you will move a little blindly, but your efforts will be rewarded. When the waters return to their course you can take it again.

ADVICE: One must take care of the body, image and appearance, but without falling into cheap narcissism. Get relaxed and enjoy sharing with those around you.

WARNING: Avoids attracting attention so as not to provoke envy. Be prudent and do not tell her your intimacies until you are sure you can trust her.

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