Dream of Alcohol

MEANING: Dream of alcohol signifies that you can’t feel good if you’re not in good physical shape. Many things go away and many come to fill your life with new adventures. Avoids food abuse, especially at night, and also after exercise. The tension that will be breathed in the working environment can almost be cut with a knife. Everything has its explanation and you will have time to understand the reason of what has happened.

SOON: Dream of alcohol expresses that sentimentally you have projects for the future. If you smoke, it’s a perfect time to quit. You too can cultivate your family relationships and not wait for everything to change on its own. If you have an investment in your hands, it is very important to be cautious. It’s time for you to come to conclusions about yourself and become your best manifestation.

FUTURE: Dream of alcohol expresses that you may learn the lesson of listening and drawing conclusions from what others think. In the field of love some surprises await you that you will discover at the beginning of the year. Going to the doctor for a minor illness will mark your day, but you should not put it off. You will start the year with new responsibilities, probably related to the home. During these days of vacation, you will have the opportunity to test that person.

ADVICE: Observe your reaction to a fact and qualify whether or not it is excessive. Try to spend with control and live with moderation.

WARNING: Don’t trust your intimate life or your best friend. Avoid leaving loose ends or you will have to take it up again later.

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