Dream of Acidic

MEANING: Dream of acidic expresses that you’re walking around a bit confused lately, as if you don’t know where to go. Today you will take advantage of the day to plan your obligations and everything will go more smoothly. If he refuses to accept what you can give him, accept his decision, without upsetting him. Listen to their advice and act on it. You are leaving a meaningless past behind and are thinking for yourself.

SOON: Dream of acidic indicates that you are responsible for what is happening. Sometimes, betting on the classic is a guarantee of success. That’s something that can alter your mood, but it’s best to assume you have other priorities. You are in a time of new purposes, goals and aspirations. Accepting certain changes from within you is important.

FUTURE: Dream of acidic indicates that you will feel very good and very satisfied after acting as you should. There are people who will bring you wisdom and you will have to thank them a lot. A labor issue could get complicated, but you will solve it if you act calmly and don’t get impatient. Attitudes towards the couple, in terms of details, will be important in this journey. You will enjoy a day in which many of your loved ones will be present.

ADVICE: You must think about your future and see what you really want. Proposes to be more optimistic from now on.

WARNING: You have to face your fears because escaping them or avoiding them is not the solution. Don’t be hasty because you will lose your mind.

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