Dream of A Trident

MEANING: Dream of a trident signifies that your experience will help you to face the changes that are taking place around you. You may be taking the relationship to a new level and direction. You will come up with a plan with friends that, frankly, does not convince you. You are not interested in certain conventions and have always liked to break the mold. It will be a pleasant meeting in which you will talk about things that interest you both.

SOON: Dream of a trident suggests that for that person he has it and it means a lot to him. Now it’s time to go where you want, not where others want. Summer feels great and gives you lots of energy. Circumstances have helped a very toxic person get away from you. It’s true that you always manage to get out of the rut and move forward.

FUTURE: Dream of a trident signifies that in addition, a new theme will emerge and make you very awake and alert. You will understand that teamwork can be positive for everyone. You may need to make some extra effort to progress in your work. You will spend time taking care of yourself, playing sports and mastering more. A slight change of habits will help you to normalize the situation.

ADVICE: In love you should be more careful and control where and to whom your eyes go. When you have it in your power, invest with head and advice.

WARNING: Don’t give up your heart easily, for then will come the cries and the regrets. Don’t put too much work and responsibility on your shoulders.

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