Dream of A Sink

MEANING: Dream of a sink means that today you will be more relaxed and willing to look at things with much more calm and tranquility. You will start the day with a lot of energy but little by little you will get tired. Beware of cholera attacks today, as you will be very irascible, especially with the family. Relationships with siblings or other family members will flow easily. Smile at a stranger whom you might initially distrust.

SOON: Dream of a sink shows that the best thing is to talk about it as soon as possible so as not to get into a delicate situation. You’re pretty good at getting out of tricky situations. It’s time to work, to carve out the future, to start shaping your dreams. This is someone different from the others, but who is worth the trouble or, even better, the joy. What you want now is something you can get if you put your mind to it.

FUTURE: Dream of a sink symbolises that you will wake up with the intuition that you must take a new step in love. You won’t mind working a little at home or even in the kitchen. You will feel recognized in your work and that will encourage you to continue giving the best of you. If it’s about leaving the past behind, you’ll get it without as much effort or pain as you think. A long and very pleasant journey is now about to begin.

ADVICE: The best thing is that you dedicate a little bit to yourself. Keep in mind that you have taken an important step to breathe easy for a long time.

WARNING: It’s okay to have fun, but the price should not be the price of your health. Ignore certain inner fears that take away your strength and power.

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