Dream of A Safe Haven

MEANING: Dream of a safe haven signifies that melancholy could make you see everything in black today. Evolution is necessary and it is now that you must be aware of it. You may feel some intense physical or emotional pain, but it will pass soon. Identifying time vampires is something you need now. It is important, however, that you do not draw lots.

SOON: Dream of a safe haven expresses that you are attracted to someone from your work or school. You value like never before those friendships that are like family to you. Your distractions are very common and easily avoidable. You deserve to have a good time after a few tiring days. A timely review can save you a lot of trouble.

FUTURE: Dream of a safe haven expresses that a colleague asks you for a professional opinion and may put you in a compromising. If you trust him and get to work, you will soon see new results. A short trip can help you renew yourself inside and out. Actually, it’s not the first time this happens to you, but this time it will be different. A friend who has achieved what you want will show you the way.

ADVICE: Be wary of promises you hear this weekend, especially if they are too emotional. Your health needs an injection of positivism, joy and fun.

WARNING: You must become strong and ignore them as they proceed a negative person seeking free harm. Try not to do any minor work or fall into the possible traps of former bosses.

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