Dream of A Mango

MEANING: Dream of a mango suggests that lower the bar a bit if you are negotiating a contract or looking for a new job. Problems, tensions and work have worn down your emotional state. It’s okay, but you have to get back into good habits and get some exercise. Many will know that special person in their lives. You are too dominating or too overbearing.

SOON: Dream of a mango symbolises that at this time you are interested in rowing in the same direction and showing your collaboration. There are easy ways to convince a person to do something you really want to do. Yes it is important that you learn the lesson that will be hidden behind the facts. If you want someone who bothers you to stay away, this is the right time to try. You feel nostalgia for what is ending, but at the same time hope for what is coming.

FUTURE: Dream of a mango expresses that what you worked so hard for, will now come to you easily. You’ll feel so good mentally that you won’t even believe it. If you call a friend, he’ll probably be happy to meet you and have a chat. Now you have the power to change things your way, the way you like it. Playing a soft sport or going to the pool will do you good.

ADVICE: Think about whether your goals are within reach or whether you need to slow down. Go with the flow and flow with the events.

WARNING: If you have any health problem, avoid those people who transmit bad vibrations to you. Focus on each thing you do, without criticizing or judging the actions of others.

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