Dream of A Handstand

MEANING: Dream of a handstand symbolises that it’s time to find out what is the real reason why you are not performing at your best. Trust your capacity for empathy and, even if it is difficult for you, try to understand the other version. You are avoiding some emotional issue that is growing into a huge problem. One of the most outstanding qualities in you is your joy and faith in the future. You are missing out on extraordinary opportunities without realizing it.

SOON: Dream of a handstand suggests that now is the time for you to give yourself a good reward. A person in your circle demands your attention. When you want, you know how to be very insistent and it gives you good results. You mentally work out how to approach the issue from another, much more effective, perspective. Since a person appeared in your life a few months ago, you are not the same.

FUTURE: Dream of a handstand expresses that your character, that of which you so much deny, will save you. You will try to help someone who is having a hard time and for whom this is not their best time. Your spirit will be serene and energized. A greater level of commitment and a certain and firm look towards a future together emerges. Any diet that is high in fiber or detoxification will be very beneficial.

ADVICE: Deal with what you have and adapt your pace of life to what you enter. Take care of your interests and leave things as they are.

WARNING: Do not criticize or judge others, just mind your own business. Don’t drain the workload by taking on responsibilities that are yours over other people.

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