Dream of A Gel

MEANING: Dream of a gel means that everything will be positively reconnected little by little. You need to express your feelings and emotions. Try to disguise and not to be surprised by the favorable surprise that it causes you. Cleanse your soul, your life, from grudges that only hurt you. A new challenge will suddenly appear and you will have to make quick and effective decisions.

SOON: Dream of a gel shows that all problems have a solution, even those you don’t think have. It’s time for you to step forward, and you know full well that to do so you will have to be brave. Contact with your family is now more frequent. There are certain maneuvers around you that you should observe carefully. Sometimes it is convenient to retire on time, but for that it is necessary to keep the battle weapon.

FUTURE: Dream of a gel signifies that you will have to get on it and review many documents now. If you reflect on your time and the way you want to spend it, you will be surprised. You may meet an acquaintance on the street. A good friend will trust you with a personal problem and you should not let him down. You would receive news regarding a call you made a few days ago.

ADVICE: Don’t put off important decisions out of fear of the future. Listen to the silence, for in it, everything speaks to you.

WARNING: Try not to get angry, even if it doesn’t mean you have to be quiet. If you have to claim something, don’t keep waiting and demand what you consider fair.

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