Dream of A Cord

MEANING: Dream of a cord suggests that you will be in a state of melancholy and will not know what to do to get out of it. You do well to study new strategies to be more productive. You don’t react adequately to personal and social situations, which causes you problems. Even your worst enemies will have to acknowledge your greatness. You don’t have to decide on the fly, keep your head.

SOON: Dream of a cord shows that attitude is key to getting what you want. Opting for a healthy and nutritious diet is the first step. You are a very active person and need to channel all the energy you release. Your efforts to improve your economy are paying off, although it is not yet evident. You know you have a friend for what you need and he has recently shown you that.

FUTURE: Dream of a cord means that someone in your circle will put you on a commitment or ask you for a favor. Someone from your closest past will contact you with an unusual proposal. The different, the distinct, embellish your existence. Your inner strength will be in a good time. If you don’t have a partner cupid will surprise you when you least expect it.

ADVICE: Receive praise with humility and gratitude. Be brave and see what change you experience.

WARNING: Be careful with summer loves, which can give unpleasant surprises. Do not hesitate, even if it means that someone may feel isolated or excluded.

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