Dream of Zoo

MEANING: Dream of zoo shows that your achievements will soon be recognized. The calmer you are, the better you will get out of the situation. At night you will live extraordinary moments with someone special. You start the year with good news about the health of yourself or a family member. You immerse yourself in a certain reluctance, in not being willing to move much, but that is not bad.

SOON: Dream of zoo suggests that the decision can be right as long as you are tactful in communicating it. Saying what you think is good, but with a little left hand, better. Self-knowledge is the best passport to happiness. Loving implies being free and freedom demands being oneself. The destination is not important, what is valuable is what is lived on the way.

FUTURE: Dream of zoo indicates that the truth is that if you take a little more care of your people, you will all appreciate it. You will not miss the couple because there is a lot of love around you. Your superiors will value your efforts and make you worthy of economic recognition. Someone gives you good advice on this, listen to it. You will feel very enriched spiritually or intellectually by what he will teach you.

ADVICE: Control your emotions or you can get into an unnecessary mess. Better if it has to do with culture, books or music.

WARNING: Do not allow anything to alter your rhythm of life or take you out of your center. Even if you feel better, don’t give up on a treatment if your doctor doesn’t tell you.

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