Dream of Wound Ear

MEANING: Dream of wound ear means that emotionally, you should not go back to the past. You are finishing a stage in your working life with a lot of satisfaction and very good results. Changes are coming for you, especially in your financial status. Right now you feel like flying free and you don’t want to commit to anyone. You’re pretty good at getting out of tricky situations.

SOON: Wound ear in dream suggests that now is the time to lose fear and go straight ahead on an unknown but very attractive path. The inside of people is more important than the outside. Sleeping more is an easy recipe, but fundamental. Now it is better to let him put his life back together without interfering more than just. These are signatures or agreements that are very urgent.

FUTURE: Dream of wound ear indicates that once you have this clear, it will be easier to get. Legal issues will be favorable from now on. That will make you very happy and will make you feel moments of fullness. Vacation is just around the corner and you are preparing a getaway. That business that had you on edge will be resolved.

More about Wound Ear

Dream of ear signifies that your mind lights up with new ideas that will lead you to success in whatever you undertake. Your intelligence and intuition will tell you which to choose. You will realize that he has feelings for you and that will put you in a good mood. You won’t mind putting your cards on the table, you will fight for their good. You will begin to feel attracted to a person in your work environment.

Dream of wound expresses that you will feel especially fantastical and attractive. You will experience a positive transformation in your person. A very important personal transformation begins. Someone in the family, probably older, will show you. Medical tests that had you a little worried will be fine.

Dream of wound ear contains special messages

ADVICE: Start detailing what is really important to you, and then go for it. You should put all your attention on work because you have been off-centre for a few days.

WARNING: Start by not committing to people you don’t like. Look at the excuses you make for yourself and don’t listen to any of them.

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