Dream of Wildlife

MEANING: Dream of wildlife shows that you have around you a group of people who protect you, help you, take care of you and love you. You need to be more objective when evaluating a situation. You are going to start to relativize a matter that perhaps has surprised you and that has hurt you quite a lot. You should take more care of your health and avoid exciting drinks and foods like coffee. You will assimilate the information before sharing it with anyone.

SOON: Wildlife in dream suggests that you are creating a reality for yourself, which is the fruit of your effort and good intentions. Your instinct is the one that most of the times governs your acts. It’s a good time to claim that favor that you are owed. If you have started a relationship with a committed or married person, accept the risks. It’s time to get down to business and take advantage of the opportunities.

FUTURE: Dream of wildlife suggests that yours will be fine without you for the next few weeks. Someone will ask your advice and you should give it to them as honestly as possible. No plan will resist you, but avoid committing yourself to everyone or you will not be able to cope. You will smile because someone who bothers you walks away. You have within you much more strength than you sometimes think.

Dream of wildlife contains special messages

ADVICE: Accept things as they come and try not to show your displeasure or even boredom. Fearlessly express your creative talents.

WARNING: Don’t do anything you won’t take communion with or you’ll regret it for a long time. Don’t wear yourself out giving what others don’t appreciate.

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