Dream of Wildlife

MEANING: Dream of wildlife shows that you are attracted to someone from your work or school. You may be overwhelmed or conflicted with decisions about your future. The word friendship will have a mystical meaning for you. Do not be tempted to do things today that you know will not benefit you at all. Plan ahead for meetings or social events for upcoming holidays.

SOON: Dream of wildlife means that for now, it is better that no one finds out. Sometimes the feeling of wasting time is not negative at all, keep in mind. It’s time to get organized in all aspects. From time to time it is good to mark the territory, to make oneself desired. The important thing is that you let yourself be carried away by the passion and game of love.

FUTURE: Dream of wildlife signifies that on the weekend you could decide where and when you will go. You will feel an urgent need to sign up for a training course. A friendship could intensify into something more. You will enjoy bachelorhood and sporadic relationships. You start a sexual stage of great fullness.

ADVICE: Take a deep breath and let it all come together. Until then you should move cautiously, something you know how to do well.

WARNING: Take it easy and don’t try to go too fast or you might fall. Don’t stop to solve sentimental problems, and put all your effort in it.

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