Dream of Wildfire

MEANING: Dream of wildfire signifies that you are looking for some guidance and direction in some decision. Your plans will be very fun and you will get to have fun. Don’t overanalyze your feelings which very often tend to idealize the other person. Don’t be shy and dare to do something original that can surprise that person. Someone could put you in a difficult situation.

SOON: Dream of wildfire means that you’re on a pretty good streak and it’s time to take advantage of it in every way. You know very well that you have to work for what you value. You feel free, peaceful, calm, as if you don’t need anything more than what you have now. Your perseverance and will power have been decisive. The proximity of your birthday makes you feel in a good mood.

FUTURE: Dream of wildfire suggests that you will pull acquaintances or friends to provide you with good prices, and you will get. You will receive a call that will make you very excited. You will get over it soon, but you must have confidence in yourself. A book will appear in your path that could help you achieve what you set out to do. Someone close to you will ask your advice on a work issue.

ADVICE: All that good you must give back by helping others. Say yes to that person who is inviting you to share a few days of retreat or spiritual rest.

WARNING: You must commit to a decision now and not go changing from one day to the next. Don’t forget to check certain accounts, you might get a surprise.

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