Dream of Weighing

MEANING: Dream of weighing suggests that your job is going to change and someone will probably be fired. Someone has with you a detail that moves you deeply. Certain tasks are so tedious that you put them off endlessly. Assume what your weaknesses are and ask for help to make things easier. Today will be a generally quite day.

SOON: Dream of weighing suggests that one of the most beautiful things in life is overcoming one’s difficulties. You want to look good, show off and that’s a good thing to feel much better. What has to do with your family is very important to you. One of the most outstanding qualities in you is your joy and faith in the future. Occupying time is positive as long as it does not mean you are running away.

FUTURE: Dream of weighing expresses that maybe it’s going to a spa or something superficial like shopping. They will be very intense and very emotionally rewarding. You deserve all the love and respect but you can start to respect yourself completely. For different reasons you will feel full of energy and others will see you radiant. You will let everyone assume their responsibilities in relation to family and home.

ADVICE: You should value everything around you and think of those people in conditions worse than yours. Have faith in yourself as you are the source of all you need.

WARNING: Emotionally, you should not go back to the past. Don’t feel involved, they don’t go with you.

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