Dream of Wearing Khakis

MEANING: Dream of wearing khakis expresses that you feel empty inside and need to be fulfilled. Although in a subtle way, from time to time you like to have public prominence, to make yourself seen. You are afraid of taking risks or chances. Try not to despair if something you were looking forward to is delayed. Do not fall into the temptation to return to a habit that does not suit you.

SOON: Dream of wearing khakis signifies that to start, you have the right person at your side. Only you can evaluate if you are interested in making the effort. It’s not bad to break up with part of your life that you don’t like. You are interested in making things clear, even if it is hard to keep the conversation going. You manage to master that dark side your dual character sometimes pushes you to.

FUTURE: Dream of wearing khakis indicates that you will face a busy day of travel and change. If you act in time, the consequences will be minimal. You will have to keep a cool head as much as necessary. You will unexpectedly have the possibility of taking a trip you did not plan. As you change inside, everything outside will benefit.

ADVICE: Just improvise something you can do on your own. Go to bed early so you can have a deep rest.

WARNING: You should not consider a relationship that has its long-term drawbacks. Don’t throw yourself into anything new until you study well what they offer.

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