Dream of Wearing Agbada

MEANING: Dream of wearing agbada suggests that if you have the courage to show your feelings, you might be surprised. You must forget the past and focus on the present. You need to disconnect and recharge batteries more than ever. You are getting into deep waters when it comes to your relationships. You will spoil things if you make them bigger and try to resist what is already.

SOON: Dream of wearing agbada suggests that you have started the week in a positive way. You can go about your business, as if you had not heard his words, some of them harmful. You have worked hard on a new idea and you should raise it with your superiors. The last few days of living together have tested how strong the bond is. You are a new person who has overlooked some of your limitations through much effort.

FUTURE: Dream of wearing agbada suggests that tenacity and your efforts in relation to a job or business will be rewarded. You will make a decision that will certainly be right although at the last moment you will doubt it. Your good relations will demand to be maintained on the basis of honesty and trust. At work you will receive an order of some importance. Heed your intuition and inner wisdom and you will never be lost.

ADVICE: You should adopt it based on realistic criteria. Defend harshly that which has cost you so much effort and work to achieve as well as to maintain.

WARNING: In the afternoon don’t worry about anything and just have fun. You should not neglect your interest in the art world.

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I saw my brother sew agbada for me and I wear it


Someone wearing agbada on me with tie on the agbada

Jessy jossy

Oh thanks my all.my good dreams come to pass amen