Dream of Watercolor

MEANING: Dream of watercolor shows that do not exceed the number of hours of work today or you might start to feel bad. Something is about to happen that you have been wanting to happen for a long time. An acquaintance will ask you a favor that will be somewhat confusing for you. Ask for advice if you think it is necessary. Take care of your part in giving love and be sure you will begin to receive it in abundance.

SOON: Dream of watercolor signifies that now it’s your turn to put your feet on the ground. Rest is paramount to physical and mental health. The time has come to see goals achieved and to start new plans for the future. You wake up to new realities as far as your family or loved ones are concerned. The confusion and uncertainty of days gone by is far from you.

FUTURE: Dream of watercolor suggests that this gives you the opportunity to go out and have some fun. Plus, a whatsapp will bring a smile to your face. The changes would be good, but you would have to adapt in the most efficient way. Cupid stalks you with his arrows of love. You will wake up with somewhat improved health.

ADVICE: You must commit or have a firm commitment made to you. Analyze well the consequences of living an adventure at work.

WARNING: Don’t saturate yourself with negative and disastrous news. See a professional who can guide you before the water reaches the river.

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