Dream of Vegetables

MEANING: Dream of vegetables signifies that something that worries you prevents you from resting well. Enjoying life is in your hands, but sometimes you fall into defeatism or dissatisfaction. Your sedentary lifestyle takes its toll on you and may aggravate ailments. You have many things that you like and that attract you, don’t leave them aside. You need to pace yourself in some situation.

SOON: Dream of vegetables suggests that it’s okay to look out for your own, but think that others have their share too. It’s an auspicious day for the beginning of some changes in the home that you need to carry out. In the summer months you prefer to enjoy trips and escapes with friends. The time has come to face and accept realities and rectify mistakes. The important thing is that everyone is happy in their own way.

FUTURE: Dream of vegetables suggests that you will be close to the family and tend to support someone who is going through a bad time. If you don’t talk too much and you manage to temper your spirits, you will surely succeed. After a few days surrounded by people, it will be good for you to be alone. Economic stability rests on solid foundations and luck is with you. You will not be able to stop still during the whole day which will be very entertaining.

ADVICE: In the work you must do what your superiors command, even if you do not share their criteria. You must bet on what you love and do it as soon as possible.

WARNING: Do not generate unnecessary conflicts that would only complicate your current personal relationships. Don’t be afraid to overspend as you can afford some whim.

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